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Биография Брюно на английском с оф сайта.

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A real passion for performing and a constant desire to explore new artistic horizons have made
Bruno Pelletier the versatile entertainer he is today. His prolific career boasts more than twentyfive
years of remarkable performances as a solo artist and as a featured performer in several
successful musicals.
His Journey
Bruno Pelletier is born August 7th, 1962, in Charlesbourg, a suburb of Quebec City. As a young
man in the 1980’s, his interests are evenly divided between sports and music. With a black belt
in karate, Bruno decides to open his own martial arts school while continuing to pursue his other
great passion: music. Although skilled as a drummer, his powerful voice lands him a gig as lead
singer of Amanite and Sneak Preview, two rock bands with which he tours the bar circuit for
several years, learning the basics of show business.
As music gradually becomes his main focus, Bruno decides to start his own francophone rock
band Pëll, in 1989. With his fellow musicians and some original compositions, he enters a few
contests, hoping to be recognized by the music industry. Following a year of hard work and good
timing, he lands his first recording contract with Les Disques Artiste, with Paul Lévesque at
the helm. And Bruno Pelletier’s career is launched!
In 1992, as his first self-titled album is being released, Bruno is offered a role in the musical Les
fous du rock'n'roll as well as a role in the Quebec version of the Plamondon-Berger rock
musical, La légende de Jimmy. While the latter only achieves modest success, Bruno’s
strong stage-presence and impressive vocal talent make a lasting impression.
In 1993, impressed by the singer’s undeniable talents, Luc Plamondon offers Bruno the
part of Johnny Rockfort in the new Parisian version of Starmania. Bruno will perform this role
more than four hundred times over the course of two years, while using all his free time to work
on his second album.
The album Défaire l'amour is launched in 1995 but Bruno has to wait two years, until 1997,
for the record to finally get the recognition it deserves. In that same year, he makes his acting
debut playing a villain in the very popular television series Omerta II and launches a third
album titled Miserere. This record quickly hits the top of the charts and sells over 250,000
copies, creating a real buzz. The following year, at le Gala de
L’ADISQ, Bruno is named Best Male Artist for a second consecutive year and Miserere wins
Best Pop-Rock Album of the Year, Best Selling Record and Best Live Performance.
In 1998 and 1999, Bruno dedicates his time to another great Plamondon musical, Notre-Dame
de Paris, in which he plays a poet named Gringoire. The show is a triumph. The song Le
temps des cathédrales puts him back on top of the charts and makes Bruno Pelletier a
household name throughout the entire French-speaking world.
In 1999, he releases his fourth album D'autres rives simultaneously in Europe and in Quebec.
He consequently launches a major European tour that will take him to such prestigious venues as
l'Olympia de Paris, La Cigale and Le Bataclan. While concentrating on a solo career at its
peak, Bruno still finds time to perform Gringoire in the Quebec and London stagings of Notre-
Dame de Paris.
In 2001, after years of relentless rocking and rolling, Bruno feels the need to ‘‘take five’’. Just
before his well-deserved break, he releases a live album recorded during his D'autres rives
tour entitled Sur scène. Bruno then takes the time he needs out of the public eye to recharge his
batteries, work on a new album and get even more involved in the Children’s Wish Foundation,
of which he’s been a long-time sponsor.
In August 2002, he releases Un monde à l'envers and launches a two-year tour. In December
of the same year, Bruno lends his voice to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in a series of
Christmas concerts at Basilique Notre-Dame. From these sessions comes the album of seasonal
classics, Concert de Noël that goes on to become a huge success.
In 2004, Bruno is offered the role of Dracula in the musical Dracula - Entre l'amour et la
mort (lyrics by Roger Tabra, music by Simon Leclerc). Always hungry for new challenges,
Bruno also gets involved as the musical director and co-producer of the show, bringing a whole
new dimension to his career.
From its début in Montreal January 31st, 2006, the show is a tremendous success (seen by over
115,000 people), making Bruno Pelletier a key player on several musical fronts. In January of the
following year, Bruno presents the show at the prestigious Maison de la Danse de Lyon
(1,200 seats) and Dracula goes on to win both critical and popular acclaim throughout Europe.
In 2007, after spending three years playing the enigmatic Prince of Darkness, Bruno yearns to
come back to a more intimate setting and launches Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre
(winner of the Félix for Album of the Year / Jazz). Presenting a sophisticated mixture of pop
and jazz influences, the record is daring and reveals yet more new dimensions to Bruno’s talent.
The singer-songwriter is back in 2009 with Microphonium, his first recording of original
material in six years. The timely arrival of this long-awaited album suitably marks 25 years of an
already prolific and accomplished singing career. In that same year, he was invited to play his
first concerts ever in Russia at the mythical Théâtre de l’Estrade. The crowd was so pleased with
his performances that 4 new dates in Eastern Europe were added to his touring schedule. He will
soon be playing in Ukraine in May 2010 and will then return to Russia in the fall. He will again
be putting his solo career on hold for 2011 as he will take part in Les filles de Caleb, a new
musical based on a trilogy written by Arlette Cousture.
As three-time Felix award winner for Male Singer of the Year, and with over 2 million albums
sold in French-speaking communities worldwide, Bruno Pelletier is without a doubt one of the
most influential artists of his generation.

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